July 23rd – Fire Mountain – 火炎山之旅報名表

Introduction 介紹

Join Parkbus Taiwan for a day out exploring the wonders of Fire Mountain Nature Reserve (火炎山自然保留區). This protected area offers guests an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of Taiwan’s most unique geological structures. Enjoy the freedom of a Parkbus trip discovering the beauty this moderate sized mountain (615m) and fun, funky and dusty, out-and-back trail of 6.3km. This is a shorter hike, but a fantastic destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list in Taiwan!

Program 當日規劃

7:30 – BUS PICKUP: Taipei Main Station(在台北車站集合並搭上 Parkbus)
10:00 – BUS DROP OFF: Fire Mountain Nature Reserve(停靠點:火炎山自然保留區)
10:00 to 14:45 – Free time to explore trail and area.(自由活動)
• 15:00 – BUS DEPARTURE: Fire Mountain Nature Reserve(從火炎山自然保留區發返回)
17:00 – ESTIMATED RETURN: Taipei Main Station(預計抵達台北車站)

Fee 報名費用

NTD$950 – adult (14+)(14歲以上為全票950元)
NTD$650 – child (4-13)(4歲至13歲為兒童票650元)
FREE – child <4, or NTD$650 sitting by themselves(4歲以下兒童跟父母共用同一個座位免費,若自己坐則為兒童票650元)

*Transaction fee not included(此價格不包含轉帳費)

Included and not included 費用包含/不包含

✅ Reservable ticket(可保留車位)
✅ Return bus service(來回交通服務)
✅ Passenger insurance on bus(交通強制險)
✅ Travel agency liability insurance(旅遊責任險)
✅ Guiding services(導覽服務)

❌ Food or drinks(午餐)
❌ Additional stops(園區外之停靠點)
❌ Personal travel insurance(個人旅遊平安險)

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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