September 24th – Trip Details: Baxianshan National Forest / 八仙山行程資訊

Trip Overview 行程介紹

This full day tour and hiking experience takes guests from the heart of the city of Taichung to the stunning gorges of Guguan and into Baxianshan National Forest. Once dropped off in the National Forest, guests can choose between exploring the numerous shorter trails throughout the main visitors areas in the park. Or, if up for the challenge, guests can tackle the Baxianshan Peak Trail. This trail is the tallest of the Seven Heroes of Guguan and reaches a total of 2,366m above sea level. If hikers hike at a moderate pace with a short break at the top the entire trail (round-trip) should take between 6-7 hours. As always with Parkbus Taiwan, the choice is yours.

這個一日遊和遠足體驗將客人從台中市中心帶到令人驚嘆的谷關峽谷和八仙山國家森林遊樂區,遊客可以選擇探索園區內許多較短的步道。如果要迎接挑戰,客人可以前往八仙山山頂步道,這條步道是古關七雄步道中最高的,海拔高達2366m。若遊客以適中的速度徒步旅行並在頂部短暫休息,則整個步道(往返)應該需要 6-7 小時,跟過往的 Parkbus Taiwan 行程一樣,選擇權在您身上。

Event Schedule 當日行程

• 07:45 – Taichung High Speed Train Station(在台中高鐵站集合並搭上 Parkbus)
• 09:30 – Arrive: Baxianshan National Forest(抵達八仙山國家森林遊樂區)

• 16:45 – Bus Departure(集合並搭上 Parkbus 返回市區)
• 18:15 – Estimated Return: Taichung High Speed Train Station(預計抵達台中高鐵站)

Fee 報名費用

NTD$950 – adult (14+)(14歲以上為全票950元)
NTD$700 – child (4-13)(4歲至13歲為兒童票700元)


For those guests hiking the Baxianshan Main Peak Trail, please be advised that you will have time only to finish this hike and perhaps visit one other trail or time to rest at the cafe. This trail takes between 6-7 hours round trip to complete. Please plan accordingly. This trail also requires participants to have moderate-strong endurance levels to hike approximately 14km with significant elevation. It is not a technical hiking experience, but is certainly demanding.

對於想要徒步前往八仙山主峰步道的遊客,請注意這條步道往返需要 6-7 小時才能完成,若您想要參觀另一條步道或有時間在咖啡廳休息,請規劃好時間。這條步道也要求俱有中等強度的體能耐力水準,才能在顯著海拔的情況下步行約 14 公里,儘管技術性不高,但肯定需要一定體能。

Included and not included 費用包含/不包含

✅ Reservable ticket(可保留車位)
✅ Return bus service(來回交通服務)
✅ Passenger insurance on bus(交通強制險)
✅ Travel agency liability insurance(旅遊責任險)
✅ Guiding services(導覽服務)

❌ Admission fee(入園費)
❌ Food or drinks(午餐)
❌ Additional stops(園區外之停靠點)
❌ Personal travel insurance(個人旅遊平安險)

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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