TPHA 台北城市狩獵成立於 2020 年春天,我們致力於將美麗的臺灣生物資源分享給這愛這片土地的所有朋友,成立之初我們開始了一系列的台北地區夜間山區探索活動並廣受好評,今年我們更將服務範圍拓展至台北以外區域、與不同的夥伴合作,提供全台最獨一無二的深度生態旅遊


Founded in Spring 2020, TPHA Ecotourism mainly focuses on sharing Taiwan’s gorgeous wildlife to those who are attracted to our beautiful island. In the beginning year, they got lots of compliments from their serial night safari tours. This year, 2021, their team decided to expand their service outside of the Taipei area. With cooperation with more partners, TPHA aims to provide the most unique deep ecotours in Taiwan.

Are you tired of looking for new sites to travel in Taiwan? Join them and start your unforgettable exploration just like people in Discovery!

目前台北地區夜間探索活動尚在重新整理階段,若有活動需求歡迎私訊粉絲專頁,另外 TPHA 也提供客製化雙語室內外教育課程,歡迎企業客戶來訊洽談

Currently their night safari tours are under upgrading stage. Please send a message to their Facebook Page if you are still interested in the tour. Also their team provides customized bilingual indoor/outdoor environmental education courses, please feel free to consult with them if needed.

Published by Parkbus Taiwan

Parkbus Taiwan is a solutions-oriented tourism initiative aimed at connecting city to nature through reliable, reservable and responsible transportation options.

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