04/20 - Dongman Trail

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From Taipei

☀️☀️☀️ Trail Rating: Hard ☀️☀️☀️ Join Parkbus Taiwan for an amazing day hiking between two National Forests in Northern Taiwan. A truly unique experience, Parkbus Taiwan will drop guests off at the visitor center of Dongyanshan National Forest and will pick up the group in Manyueyuan National Forest.

There are few thru-hikes in Taiwan that offer the opportunity to hike from one protected area to another. The Dongman Trail connects Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area (東眼山國家森林遊樂區) and Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area (滿月圓國家森林遊樂區) along a very well maintained and beautifully forested trail. It provides a really perfect combination between remote nature and accessibility for those looking to get outdoors.

The descent into Manyueyuan from Dongyanshan is about 3km of lush jungle.

 The descent into Manyueyuan from Dongyanshan is about 3km of lush jungle.

The trail was built by connecting various trolley tracks to the much older hiking trail that previously between Manyueyuan to Beichatian Mountain (北插天山). The area is a mid-altitude forest zone of evergreen broadleaf trees. On the way, guests will experience a shifting and diverse forest with both conifer and broadleaf trees mingling together. They provide a habitat for a large variety of birds and insects. Plus, there are also cloud falls, mountain streams, waterfalls, and other natural spectacles. As it is covered most of the route, the Dongman Trail is suitable for all seasons in northern Taiwan. 

Starting the Hike / 如何抵達東滿步道

This tour will drop guests off at Dongyanshan National Forest. Starting from the visitor center at Dongyanshan National Forest, where the group will assemble after filling up water bottles, using the restroom, and reviewing the day's itinerary and routing. This hiking experience begins with a pleasant walk through Dongyanshan National Forest which features some beautiful bridges over mountain-fed streams and a great introduction to the beautiful temperate forests that make up this scenic park. Guests will spend about 3km hiking in Dongyanshan National Forest and will also walk past some of the old logging relics that have been left behind as a memorial to the park’s heritage. Interpretation has been put up throughout the park explaining the significance of these artifacts.

Guests will follow the Forest Road as it meanders along the edge of Dongyanshan towards the Fossil Area. While the presence of fossils at this altitude is pretty spectacular and helps showcase the geological evolution of Taiwan, they’re not particularly impressive. They are actual trace fossils that date back 30 million years and are believed to be ancient shrimp and crabs. Take the time to stop here anyways, as this is the last washroom before arriving in Manyueyuan National Forest. You’ve been warned!

Dongman Trail / 東滿步道

It’s straight hiking from the Fossil Area with an estimated 15 minutes along the Forest Road to the Dongman Trailhead. The trail officially starts where Forest Road ends. The signs are a bit worn out but you’ll see information about Manyueyuan National Forest. The trail here turns from the crushed stone of the Forest Road to compact soil. If it has been raining along, the trail may get muddy, but in general, there is pretty good drainage. The Dongman Trail is well-maintained, but the distance and elevation change over that distance tire the body out.

At around the 6km mark of the Dongman Trail, you will begin the final descent into Manyueyuan National Forest. Guests might find this to be the most exhausting part of the trail as they will have to manage short, and in some cases steep, steps for extended distances (probably around 3km). They are not particularly technical, but they tend to have an impact on your joints and knees as you have to step down with extra weight on your back. Having a hiking pole isn’t the worst idea at this point. It is, however, a really beautiful section of the trail. A very lush and full forest that can get wet when the weather pulls in. If so, these steps can also get slippery.

This is where the real trail and hiking experience begins. At this point, guests would have already walked around 2.6km just to get to the trailhead. Drink some water or have a snack! For the next 1.7km, hikers will be climbing up toward the maximum elevation height on this trail of 1151m. From this spot, hikers will mostly be hiking downhill the entire way to the Manyueyuan National Forest Ticket Booth. 

Arriving in Manyueyuan 

Guests will know that you’ve arrived in Manyueyuan as signage is installed and the trail opens up quite a bit at this section. You’ll have two choices. Go left and you’ll follow along the “Self-Guided Trail”, which is about 1.1km back to the Manyueyuan Visitor Center and towards the ticket booth. Or they can go right (or rather straight) and continue deeper into Manyueyuan towards the first of two waterfalls in the park (see image below). Guests must monitor the time and be aware of the distances and pace they set out to determine if they can see these other attractions in the time allocated on this trip. 

Depending on the pace guests hike at, they should have about an hour to explore Manyueyuan National Forest. There are several waterfalls to view, riverside picnic areas, and a visitor center showcasing the various wildlife of the area. This area is famous for providing a unique habitat for nearly a dozen butterfly species. Past guests have seen Formosan Rock Macaques (Taiwan's endemic monkey), Taipei tree frogs, and much more. The walk down to the bus pick-up location is along an even, hard-surfaced path and a welcomed terrain after a full day's hike. The bus will pick up the group and transport them back to Taipei Main Station, our end destination for our Dongman Trail tour.

Daily Itinerary
  • 07:00 – Pick Up: Taipei Main Station(在台北車站集合並搭上 Parkbus)
  • 10:00 – Arrive: Dongyanshan National Forest(抵達東眼山國家森林遊樂區)
  • 10:00 – Hike from Dongyanshan National Forest to Manyueyuan National Forest – This hike will take a combined 12-15km. This should take between 4-6 hours (東滿步道:將從東眼山國家森林遊樂區沿著東滿步道前往滿月圓國家森林遊樂區。總長約12至15公里,預計花費4至6小時完成)
  • 16:00 – Departure(集合並搭上 Parkbus 返回台北市)
  • 18:00 – Estimated Return: Taipei Main Station(預計抵達台北車站)
Cost Description
Price Includes

✅ Reservable ticket(可保留的座位)
✅ Return bus service(來回交通服務)
✅ Passenger insurance on bus(交通強制險)
✅ Travel agency liability insurance(旅遊責任險)
✅ Guiding services(導覽服務)

Price Excludes

❌ Admission fee(入園費)
❌ Food or drinks(午餐)
❌ Additional stops(園區外之停靠點)
❌ Personal travel insurance(個人旅遊平安險)


⚠️ This small group hiking trip is limited to 19 guests. If we are unable to secure 10 guests, we reserve the right to cancel this trip with advanced notice and full refunds provided to any guests who have already paid.

⚠️ This tour is a guided, small-group hike. This means that the group will hike together with the guide. We know that some people enjoy hiking and being in nature alone, so this may mean that the group will meet at predefined checkpoints along the route to ensure the group stays together. 

⚠️ We will drop passengers off at Dongyanshan National Forest in the morning and will pick the entire group up at Manyueyuan National Forest at the end of the day. This is a full hiking day along the linear Dongmen Trail from Dongyanshan to Manyueyuan only. There will be no return transportation from Dongyanshan. Participants must have decent fitness endurance levels to hike approximately 15-17km over modest elevation. This is not a technical hike but does cover some distance.

⚠️ Please consider your own hiking ability before joining this trip. If you would like to ask for more details regarding this route, please contact us through email, phone, or social media.