10/26-28 - Jade Mountain Main Peak

Product Number: PBTWON003-1026

☀️☀️☀️ Trail Rating: Challenging ☀️☀️☀️ Parkbus Taiwan's Jade Mountain Main Peak tour is a safe, convenient, and affordable way to climb to the top of Taiwan. Did we forget to say this trip is challenging, yet super fun, a great opportunity to bond with others and make new friends, as well as a chance to create memories to last a lifetime? Well, it certainly is!

Standing tall at 3,952m, Jade Mountain (玉山), (also known as "Yushan") is not only the tallest mountain in Taiwan but also the tallest mountain in all of East Asia. Ingrained in Taiwanese popular consciousness and culture, this peak is the crown jewel of mountains in Taiwan and for many, a life-long goal to climb.

Despite being the highest mountain in Taiwan, Jade Mountain is a moderately challenging hike, primarily due to the length of the hike and altitude. Jade Mountain Main Peak is suitable for just about anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and determination. Jade Mountain can be climbed a number of ways, however, on this Parkbus Taiwan experience our guests will hike the traditional route from Tatajia (塔塔加).

Parkbus Taiwan's Jade Mountain Main Peak tour has been designed to allow international visitors to Taiwan a safe, convenient, and affordable way to climb to the top of Taiwan. The total hiking distance for this tour is approximately 21.6 kilometers (round trip). This tour is completed over three days and two nights and provides return transportation from Taipei Main Station. 

Except for two meals, Parkbus Taiwan takes care of all the details; from accommodation reservations, arranging private transportation, insurance booking, sleeping bag rentals, and mountain lodge meal bookings (two meals are to be prepared by guests), to the complicated National Park Permit application process. Parkbus Taiwan removes the barriers and takes care of all the planning. We also offer one of Taiwan's most experienced English-speaking mountain guides for this tour. 

Daniel Rios - Jade Mountain Tour Guide

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I first arrived in Taiwan in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the country’s stunningly beautiful outdoors. After climbing Jade Mountain, I quickly became addicted to collecting Bai Yue, and after less than four years, I was able to finish all 100 Peaks of Taiwan, faster than any foreigner in history. I've appeared in both written and television media in Taiwan for my hiking achievements, and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

A highly seasoned outdoor adventure guide who has Wilderness Advanced First Aid training, I have been to most mountains in Taiwan numerous times. I am very familiar with all the major peaks and hiking routes in Taiwan and have an in-depth knowledge of route planning and trail conditions, GPS and map reading, emergency first aid, survival tactics and skills, local flora and fauna, and aboriginal cultures. When I am not working, I enjoy outdoor rock climbing, bouldering, river tracing, and hiking on non-traditional, exploratory trails.

I'm currently in the process of collecting all the 3,000m peaks in Taiwan, a feat which has only been done by a handful of people, and never by a foreigner. I take hiking in Taiwan and safety extremely seriously and aim to provide all my clients with a fun, safe, educational, and memorable experience that will last them a lifetime.

Daily Itinerary
Day One - Overview

Day One is a short day and will mostly consist of traveling from Taipei to our accommodation in the Bunan community of Wangxiang.

Guests will meet our guide and be picked up in private transportation from Taipei Main Station and driven in comfort to our accommodation inside Yushan National Park. From Taipei Main Station, guests can expect an estimated 4-hour drive to our Hostel in Wangmei Village, Nantou (望美村). There will be a chance to purchase any last-minute provisions at a convenience store along the way.

Upon arrival, our group will check into our accommodation. The first night's accommodation is in a basic, but comfortable aboriginal homestay just north of Jade Mountain National Park. Here guests will sleep in a large shared room on individual floor mats. Blankets and pillows are provided. There is a large, clean bathroom with hot water for showers and electricity is available for charging your devices. This will be a good time to review equipment and maps and have a team discussion regarding our upcoming itinerary and schedule.

Once settled in, guests will be provided with a delicious and filling aboriginal dinner. There will be an opportunity to play cards, chat as a group, read, and relax, and if time permits, to explore the local area by foot.

*We ask guests to please be respectful and try not to be too loud. It’s common for hikers in Taiwan to go to bed as early as 7:00 p.m.

Day One Schedule

  • 11:00 – Bus Pick Up: Taipei Main Station 
  • 15:30 – Estimated arrival at Wangxiang
  • 16:00 – Onwards – Free time
  • 18:00 - Dinner

(Please note, all times are approximate and will depend on a number of factors including weather, road, and traffic conditions,)

Shared Sleeping Facilities at Wangxiang Hostel
Example of dinner prepared by hosts at Wangxiang Hostel
Breakfast: No / Lunch: No / Dinner: Yes
Day Two - Overview

Our official Day 2 begins!

This will be an early morning, but guests will have time to have a hot shower and eat a hearty breakfast provided by our hosts. After our final gear check and packing, our group will set off for a 45-minute drive to the Paiyun Mountaineering Service Center. Here our guide will submit the group's permits, coordinate a group picture, and remind guests that this is the last place to fill up on water. Our group will then jump on a shuttle to the Jade Mountain Trailhead. 

Setting off from the trailhead, the journey to Taiwan's tallest mountain begins. Our group will keep a moderate hiking pace and aim to keep as a group along the trail. Scheduled rest stops along the way will allow guests to maintain energy levels and get acclimatized to hiking at elevation. The first rest stop will be at the Monroe Pavillion (孟祿亭) where we can enjoy lunch (note: Day 2 Lunch is not included in the tour package). Here, guests will have access to a composting toilet, which is available nearby.

A few hours later, our second scheduled rest stop will be for around 30 minutes for snacks and rest. We estimate our arrival at Paiyun Lodge 排雲山莊 (see image below) will be around noon. This will be our accommodation for the evening. We will take our time on the Day 2 ascent and, if time permits, explore some of the areas around Paiyun Lodge 排雲山莊. We'll check in, review the schedule and itinerary for the following day, take a well-earned nap, and rest before the following day's ascent to the peak.

Between check-in, lunch, and dinner, guests will have free time to explore the area around Paiyun Lodge 排雲山莊, play cards, read, and rest. Also, from here Jade Mountain West Peak (玉山西峰) can be hiked but must be added and agreed upon through a pre-trip request. Dinner will be provided in Paiyun Lodge 排雲山莊 by the National Park staff (included in the tour). It's early to bed again, as the following morning starts early. 

Day Two Total Hiking Distance: 8.5km
Trail Conditions: Moderate & steady inclines, compact soil, some man-made structures 
Estimated Time on Trail: 5 hours at a moderate hiking pace

Day Two Estimated Schedule

  • 05:40 - Wake up. Cook and eat breakfast. Pack up gear and prepare to depart
  • 06:40 - Depart Wangxiang Hostel
  • 08:00 - Arrive at Paiyun Mountaineering Service Center
  • 08:15 - Arrive at Jade Mountain Trailhead
  • 13:00 - Arrive and check in to Paiyun Lodge
  • 13:00 - 17:00 - Free Time
  • 17:00 - Dinner served at Paiyun Lodge
  • 19:00 - Bedtime (it will be an early morning!)

(Please note, all times are approximate and will depend on a number of factors including weather, trail conditions, as well as team condition, and fitness).

Breakfast: Yes / Lunch: No / Dinner: Yes
Day Three - Overview

Today we reach the highest point of Taiwan - Jade Mountain Main Peak. And descend all the way down.

The day starts before dawn. Our team will aim to wake up at 2:00 am. It’s very common in the Taiwanese hiking community to wake up extremely early, so expect people to be waking up and making noise earlier than this. We'll be ready to go the night before but will have time for a quick breakfast prepared by the National Park staff at the lodge (included in the tour). After a final review of equipment, our group will depart for the main peak. It will be cold and dark when our team departs. Our guide will remind guests to put on extra layers of clothing and to prepare gloves, and headlamps (required).

We will aim to arrive at Jade Mountain Main Peak (玉山主峰) around sunrise. However, this, and the time spent at the peak, will depend on weather and team conditions. After celebrating and collecting memories of our time at Taiwan's highest point, we will begin our descent as a group. Upon arrival at Paiyun Lodge (排雲山莊), guests will be provided with a hot noodle brunch (included in the tour) and time to pack up, before continuing down the mountain.

With an estimated arrival time back at Dongpo Lodge of mid-afternoon, guests will board private transportation and will begin their travel back to Taipei. After the hike, guests will be driven in our private van transportation back to Taipei and the conclusion of our tour.

Day Three Total Hiking Distance: 13.3km
Trail Conditions: Short and steep up to / down from Jade Mountain Main Peak, moderate & steady declines from Paiyun Lodge (排雲山莊), rock scree, compact soil, some man-made structures 
Estimated Time on Trail: 8-9 hours at a moderate hiking pace 

Day Three Estimated Schedule

  • 02:00 – Wake up!
  • 02:30 – Breakfast prepared by National Park Staff
  • 03:30 – Depart for Jade Mountain Main Peak
  • 06:00 – Arrive at Taiwan's Highest Peak!
  • 09:00  – Arrive back at Paiyun Lodge - pack, eat brunch, rest
  • 10:30  – Depart from Paiyun Lodge 
  • 14:00  – Arrive at Paiyun Mountaineering Service Center
  • 15:00  – Depart from Dongpu Lodge
  • 19:45  – Estimated Return: Taipei Main Station (estimated arrival at Taipei Main Station)

(Please note, all times are approximate and will depend on a number of factors including weather, trail conditions, as well as team condition, and fitness).

Shared Sleeping Facilities at Paiyun Lodge

Dining Room Facilities at Paiyun Lodge

Breakfast: Yes / Lunch: Yes / Dinner: No
Cost Description
Price Includes

✅ Private round-trip van service from Taipei
✅ Native English-speaking guiding services 
✅ One (1) night accommodation at an Aboriginal Hostel in Wangxiang 
✅ One (1) night accommodation at Paiyun Lodge 
4 Meals included - Day One: Dinner | Day Two: BreakfastDinner | Day Three: Breakfast, Brunch
✅ Yushan National Park Permit 
Shuttle Bus Ticket from Visitor Center to Jade Mountain Trailhead (return ticket)
✅ Sleeping Bag Rental at Paiyun Lodge (Yushan National Park Service) 
✅ Passenger insurance on the van 
✅ Hiking/Mountain Insurance
✅ Travel agency liability insurance 
✅ An experience of a lifetime to the highest point in Taiwan! 

Price Excludes

❌ Meals not included - Day One: Lunch | Day Two: Lunch
❌ Any additional snacks, food, or drinks 
❌ Additional stops at other attractions or souvenir shops
❌ Additional Personal travel insurance


⚠️ PICK-UP / DROP-OFF LOCATIONOur pick-up location for this tour will be Taipei Main Station. The departure time is 11:00 am. This will allow guests from nearly anywhere on the island to travel using the high-speed train, regular train network, or bus system. If you require an alternate pick-up location, please contact us directly at parkbus.taiwan@gmail.com. Additional costs may apply.

⚠️GUIDE: In addition to providing an amazing outdoor experience, our guides have the responsibility for guest safety and well-being. Our guides will monitor the group's fitness levels and health throughout the tour. In the event of poor weather or if any guests are struggling from poor fitness or adverse conditions, they reserve the right to alter the tour itinerary and/or cancel the ascent. We thank you for your understanding as we believe guests' safety is of the utmost importance. 

⚠️ MEALS: Day One Lunch is not included in the tour price. Day Two Lunch is also not included in the tour price. Guests are responsible for preparing and bringing their own meals on these days. Guests are also responsible for being sure they have enough water for the duration of the tour (we suggest a minimum of 3 liters). There are no water sources on this trail itself. At Paiyun Lodge, hot water is provided during limited hours.

⚠️ GROUP SIZE: This small group hiking trip is limited to 7 guests. If we are unable to secure 7 guests, we reserve the right to cancel this trip with advanced notice and full refunds provided to any guests who have already paid. Thank you for understanding.

⚠️ PERMITS: For hikers looking to join this Parkbus Taiwan tour, they must understand the following details:

  • Hiking Jade Mountain is considered a bucket-list experience and is one of, if not the most famous high mountain hikes in Taiwan. As such, it's also very popular. Permits are required to hike this trail and can be very competitive to get. That said, with enough advanced notice (~4 months), we feel confident we can secure these permits for our guests. 
  • Permits must be applied between 4 months and 35 days prior to the tour date (the earlier the better)
  • Parkbus will apply for group permits on behalf of our registered and paid guests. This means if you are interested in joining this tour please ensure you register and pay as soon as possible - the earlier we get confirmation and payment, the better odds we can have getting permits. 
  • Despite when we apply, our group application is not guaranteed.
  • If our application is not successful, guests will be provided a full refund.

⚠️ PACKING LIST AND TOUR QUESTIONS: When a guest registers for Parkbus Taiwan's Jade Mountain Main Peak Tour, they will receive a complete packing list and trip FAQ digital package through email. Parkbus Taiwan staff will be available to provide additional support to guests between registration and tour dates. 

⚠️ HEALTH WAIVER: When a guest registers for Parkbus Taiwan's Jade Mountain Main Peak Tour, they will receive a digital package with a complete packing list and a detailed trip FAQ through email. Parkbus Taiwan staff will be available to provide additional support to guests between registration and tour dates. 

⚠️ Non-Refundable Administration Fee: When a guest registers and pays for Parkbus Taiwan's Jade Mountain Main Peak Tour, we secure their space on our trip by applying for National Park permits. These permits are not exchangeable and many times permits sell out. If a guest cancels and there are no permits available, we are not able to substitute this guest with another. In the event a guest books and cancels a trip, where Parkbus Taiwan is unable to secure an alternate guest/permit, guests will incur a non-refundable administrative fee of 30% of the booking price. If we are able to secure a new guest and there are still permits available, the non-refundable administrative fee will be NTD$1,000.

Do you have any other questions? Please send us an email to highmountain.parkbus.taiwan@gmail.com.

*Some promotional restrictions apply