Parkbus Taiwan aims to launch dedicated routes to Taiwan’s Great Outdoors from Kaohsiung in the near future. With the current pandemic restrictions and policies, we’re still trying to find the right time to kick this off. As of now, we encourage you to check out some of the great destinations that we will connect Kaohsiung residents to nature in the future. Want to learn more about the destinations we currently visit? Click on one of destinations below to find out all you can do and see in this fantastic natural areas in the beautiful island of Taiwan.

Parkbus Taiwan 提供您往來於高雄市中心以及各森林遊樂區的接駁直達車,我們提供新的選擇讓您可以輕鬆到戶外爬山健行、認識台灣的野生動植物,甚至是拓展人際關係、與來自台灣以及國外的同伴們交朋友。透過點擊下面連結認識我們目前的旅程,也歡迎您一同加入Parkbus Taiwan下次的活動!

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