Explore Caoling Historic Trail / 草嶺古道行程資訊 – April 23rd

We’re excited to announce a full day OITW Private Tour along the stunning Caoling Historic Trail & Taoyuan Valley Trail Hike 草嶺古道及桃源谷步道

Trip Overview 行程介紹

After our pick-up from Taipei Main Station, we will be dropped off in Gongliao District, New Taipei City at the beginning of the Caoling Historic Trail. From here we will walk for 20 minutes along the traditional trail that has been converted into a small roadway to just past Yuanwangkeng Riverside Park. 行程將從台北車站出發前往位於貢寮區的遠望坑親水公園,步行約20分鐘後抵達草嶺古道的步道入口。

The trail transitions into a stone and compact soil trail and is the start of the Caoling Historic Trail for about 1.5 hours. At the intersection of the Taoyuan Valley Trail, we will continue to hike along the ridgeway and grasslands of the coastal mountains with spectacular views down along the east coast of Taiwan and Yilan County. After about a 1.5 hour hike along this section, we will hike back down the coast to Dali Visitor Center to explore the local temple, visitor center and meet the bus. 進入草嶺古道會先在石頭及泥土的路面上步行大約1.5小時,經過桃源谷步道的交叉路口後繼續沿著台灣東海岸和宜蘭縣沿海山脈的山脊和草原行走約1.5小時。最後我們將著海岸徒步前往大里遊客中心,探索當地的寺廟、遊客中心並稍作休息後從大里遊客中心上車返回台北市區。

The total distance covered will be around 10 km, and is very accessible for beginners and novice hikers. 當天總共的步行長度約為10公里,適合想要輕鬆出門踏青的遊客。

Event Schedule 當日行程

• 07:30 – Bus Pick Up: Taipei Main Station(在台北車站集合並搭上 Parkbus)
• 09:00 – Arrive at Caoling Historic Trail’s trailhead(抵達草嶺古道)

• 16:0– Bus Departure from Dali Visitor Service Center(從大理遊客中心集合併搭乘公園巴士返回台北市)
• 17:30 – Estimated Return: Taipei Main Station(預計抵達台北車站)

Fee 報名費用

NTD$950 – adult (14+)(14歲以上為全票950元)
NTD$650 – child (4-13)(4歲至13歲為兒童票650元)

*Transaction fee not included(此價格不包含轉帳費)

Included and not included 費用包含/不包含

✅ Reservable ticket(可保留車位)
✅ Return bus service(來回交通服務)
✅ Passenger insurance on bus(交通強制險)
✅ Travel agency liability insurance(旅遊責任險)
✅ Guiding services(導覽服務)

❌ Food or drinks(午餐)
❌ Additional stops(園區外之停靠點)
❌ Personal travel insurance(個人旅遊平安險)

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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