Rating System / 難度評分系統


Numerical Rating: less than 1-25
A hike that is generally suitable for anyone who enjoys walking. Mostly level or with slight inclines. Generally these trips include trails less than 5 kilometers. Some trails are suitable for young children or parents with strollers. These trails are accessible to all kinds of walkers and hikers.


Numerical Rating: 26-50
A novice hike is generally suitable for hikers are still developing their endurance but want a bit of a challenge. The terrain will involve moderate elevation changes and may have some steeper sections or inclines of longer duration. Generally between 5-10 km. These trails are accessible to most kinds of hikers.


Numerical Rating: 51 –75
Moderate-Strenuous hikes will generally be challenging for an unconditioned person. The terrain will involve steady and often steep inclines/declines. Generally between 10-15 kilometers.


Numerical Rating: 76-100
At the low end of ‘Expert’, these hikes will challenge most hikers. The hike will generally be longer and steeper, but may be deemed “Expert” because of the elevation gain. These trails likely incorporate ropes, ladders and other technical sections. Gloves are recommended.

On the high end of “Expert”, these trails are only well-conditioned and well-prepared hikers should attempt very strenuous hikes. The hike will generally be long and steep, and may include rock scrambling, stream crossings, and other challenging terrain. Generally 15 kilometers and longer.

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