About Parkbus Taiwan

It’s Simple. We’re your ride to get outside.

Parkbus Taiwan connects city dwellers with nature through express, reservable and accessible transportation options to some of the best (and hard to get to) natural areas in Taiwan.

This is a transportation-only solution to accessing nature.

Parkbus Taiwan is a pilot project working with guidance from Parkbus Canada. Founded in 2010, Parkbus Canada operates bus services to National and Provincial Parks from major cities across Canada.

Parkbus Taiwan is coordinated and operated by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. We’re simply seeking to create greater access to natural areas for families, friends and all nature-lovers in Taiwan!

Our Team

Michael McCreesh (陳睿昱)

Michael has over 15 years of tourism, economic development and marketing experience working for both not-for-profit and for profit enterprises.

Collaborative in nature, adventurous in spirit, Michael has worked in tourism on four continents and brings a cross-cultural, value-driven and sustainable perspective to projects. Recently responsible for growing Ontario’s bicycle tourism sector, Michael helped move cycling in the province from a niche to an established tourism sector.

Ryan Hevern (何來恩)

With almost a decades experience living and leading adventures in Taiwan and Asia, Ryan is a passionate adventurer, nature photographer, and naturalist.

His knowledge of Taiwan’s environment and ecology has empowered him to create a positive impact through tourism, adventure, and responsible practices. Ryan was Co-Founder of Taiwan Adventure Outings, internationally recognized for their adventures and environmental initiatives. He has worked on various projects with the likes of Google, Roxy, Quiksilver, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and more.

陳柏儒 (Michael)

As a native Taiwanese, Po-Ju hopes to show every local residents and foreigners the beauty of Taiwan.

Received master degree of environment from the University of Melbourne, Po-Ju has passion in social responsibility and sustainability development. He also has working experience in non-governmental agency and startup.

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