New Online Booking & Payment – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


We accept four different online payment methods, but encourage the top two options for their convenience for you:

  1. Credit Card – Both domestic and foreign credit cards are accepted. Standard payment process online, however you will be redirected to a 3D-Secure Authentication page of the issuing bank.
  2. Barcode – Referred to as ‘barcode’ on our payment processing page, this option may be one of the most convenient for Parkbus riders. This option displays a ‘barcode’ (and provided through email), which they can print off or take a picture on their smartphone and go pay in cash at the following Select “barcode” when you have made it to the payment processing page (see screenshot below).
  3. China UnionPay – This is a credit card used in Taiwan and popular in China.
  4. WebATM – This is essentially an online debit card payment, however we only offer online this through the following selected institutions:
    • Bank of Taiwan
    • Taishin Bank
    • HuaNan Bank
    • Mega Bank
    • First Bank
  5. Payment through Customer Service – If you require assistance in the payment process, you can click “Contact Customer Service” and fill out a short form. A representative from our travel agency partner “XO Tours” aka Leyo, will contact you. Our partners can assist in both English and Mandarin languages.
A screenshot of the payment options on the booking page.

When will I get confirmation that my payment has been accepted and my seat is secure?

Using a credit card or WebATM, your confirmation will be the receipt of your payment. Using the “Barcode” option, once you pay a convenience store clerk, we receive a notification that a payment has been made. We will send a notification of receipt within a day.

WHen will I receive Final Event Schedule and Pick Up Location Details for my trip?

Parkbus Taiwan will send a Final Event Schedule and Pick Up Location email 1 week prior to the event to all registered participants. In this email you will receive information on when and where you’ll meet a Parkbus staff and board the bus, types of clothing will be appropriate and some of the events highlights.

How do I book a trip with parkbus’ new online booking system

  • Visit and find the event you’re interested
  • Click on the event landing page or a destination that you’d like to visit
  • Click on the “Book Now” button on the specific event / destination pages
  • You will arrive at a landing page of our travel agency partner (see screen shot #1).

Landing Page of Travel Agent Partner
  • Click on the departure date you wish to travel on
  • Select the number of participants (adult and child). If you are not traveling with a child, please leave as “0”.
  • Click “Order Online”
  • Complete the Required Fields on the online form. If you have a note or reference, please include this in the “Notes” section.
  • Select “Credit Card / WebATM” option for online payment options as well as “Barcode” payment method.
  • Select the desired payment method.
Four payment options are displayed on this page. Select the most convenient for you.
  • When using the “Barcode” Payment method, please take a picture of the barcode, print off or take phone and show email/barcode to convenience store clerk to pay in cash.
  • When using the “Barcode” Payment method, please be aware of the “Expiry date” of this barcode. You have one week to pay using this barcode. Once this date passes, you will have to start the registration process again to generate a new barcode.
The Expiry Date of the Barcode is one week after the time of booking.
  • Once submitted, you will be redirected to a landing page with the tour information and the unique barcode. You will also receive an email notification.
  • Take the barcode to a local convenience store to pay cash or through debit card.

If you have any other questions about the booking or registration process, please contact

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