準備好踏入山林,享受大自然的禮讚嗎?下載 Hikingbook App,讓你的旅程更加豐富、安全!你可以搜尋步道資訊與推薦,提前規劃行程;下載離線地圖,無論何時何地都能安全不迷途;更能使用 App 來記錄每一趟獨一無二的旅程,珍藏回憶。App StoreGoogle Play 搜尋「Hikingbook」,馬上開始探索!

Ready to step into nature and bathe in its wonder? Gear up with Hikingbook, an all-in-one app for your perfect hiking experience. You can find trail information and recommendations to plan your trip ahead, download maps for offline use to help you stay on track, and record every moment of your trip for the best memories. Search for “Hikingbook” on App Store or Google Play to start exploring!

Published by Parkbus Taiwan

Parkbus Taiwan is a solutions-oriented tourism initiative aimed at connecting city to nature through reliable, reservable and responsible transportation options.

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