Taipei City Officials Vote to Reintroduce Formosan Black Bear to Da’an Park

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – A recent vote within the closed doors of Taipei City Hall came to a conclusion Thursday morning, voting to reintroduce the Formosan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus formosanus), an endemic subspecies, to Da’an Forest Park. Officials cited the endangered species act of 1989, and the need to rehabilitate and grow the population of the Formosan Black Bear in order to ensure its longevity in a time of great habitat loss.

台北市政府在星期四早上的不公開投票以及各界專家們激烈的討論後,決議以1989年的野生動物保育法以及協助復育瀕臨絕種的動物族群數量的必要性為由,於台北市大安區的大安森林公園內引入並在此復育台灣獨有的特有亞種台灣黑熊(Ursus thibetanus formosanus)。

Often referred to as the Moon Bear due to unique patterns on the animal’s chest, the animal has a deep history of appreciation and lore within Taiwan’s indigenous communities. Hunting the Formosan Black Bear is considered taboo, as killing one would lead to a village curse, and bring imminent doom to the hunter’s family. The Formosan Black Bear is Taiwan’s largest predator and only bear species. It is estimated Taiwan only has 200-600 Formosan Black Bears left. 


The white “V” on the chest lends to the name Moon Bear

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau adopted the Moon Bear as its official mascot in 2014, naming it “Oh Bear,” and plastering the cartoonish rendition all over inbound and outbound tourism collateral, trains, buses and more.


Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s “Oh Bear”

Taipei officials felt the need to make amends for profiting off of the endangered species, thus placing a sleuth of four initially in Da’an Forest Park.

The program will ensure Formosan Black Bears have growing populations in the North of Taiwan, adding to known populations in the Central and Southern mountains of Taiwan


The reintegration period will begin April 15th, 2021.


Photo from Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association Facebook Page

In case you didn’t know already…..April Fools!


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