Experts predict “Northern Lights” visible from Taipei’s Yangmingshan National Park in April

A report released by a panel of atmospheric scientists from Taiwan’s prestigious research institute have identified a moderate chance that Aurora Borealis will be visible from areas surrounding Yangmingshan National Forest in Taipei, Taiwan. This will be the first time ever that this natural wonder, commonly known as “Northern Lights”, will be seen from such a low latitude.


Taipei City Officials Vote to Reintroduce Formosan Black Bear to Da’an Park

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – A recent vote within the closed doors of Taipei City Hall came to a conclusion Thursday morning, voting to reintroduce the Formosan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus formosanus), an endemic subspecies, to Da’an Forest Park. Officials cited the endangered species act of 1989, and the need to rehabilitate and grow the population ofContinue reading “Taipei City Officials Vote to Reintroduce Formosan Black Bear to Da’an Park”