Experts predict “Northern Lights” visible from Taipei’s Yangmingshan National Park in April


TAIPEI, TAIWAN – A report released by a panel of atmospheric scientists from Taiwan’s prestigious research institute have identified a moderate chance that Aurora Borealis will be visible from areas surrounding Yangmingshan National Forest in Taipei, Taiwan. This will be the first time ever that this natural wonder, commonly known as “Northern Lights”, will be seen from such a low latitude.


The report goes on to predict that early April 2nd may present the best chance to see this natural phenomenon that is a result of rare G2 geomagnetic storm that is forecasted to occur near Yangmingshan National Forest in Taiwan’s northern region.


After having received the designation as the World’s First Urban Quiet Park in late 2020, Taiwan officials are thrilled to have another “first” to celebrate as the northern lights are considered an atmospheric phenomenon regarded as the “Holy Grail” of skywatching. A central government employee commented on this once-in-a-life time opportunity. “We’ve been thinking about rebranding these as the ‘Boba Lights’, as this fits Taiwan’s brand, but consensus hasn’t been fully reached yet.”

繼陽明山國家公園在2020年中被選為為世界上第一座城市安靜公園後,台灣官員很高興又有一個「第一名」來慶祝,因為極光被認為是一種大氣現象,國外也稱極光是觀星的「聖杯」。 一位政府官員對這個千載難逢的機會發表了評論:「我們一直在考慮將此極光現象重新命名為『珍珠光』,名稱源自於珍珠奶茶,非常適合代表台灣,但學界尚未完全達成共識,一切還在討論當中。」

The “Northern” Lights Will Glow Across Taiwan in 2022

Both the local and foreign communities across Taiwan are also thrilled by the news. “It’s hard enough just to find Kraft Dinner in Taiwan. Now we get the Northern Lights? Things are looking up right now in Taiwan,” stated Carla, a 4-year resident of Tainan from Manitoba, Canada.

包括台灣和外國的社群也都為這個消息而興奮不已。「在台灣找到卡夫餐(Kraft Dinner)*已經夠難了,現在我們竟然可以在台灣看到了北極光?這根本是上帝的恩惠!」一位來自加拿大曼尼托巴省且現在居住在台南市超過4年的居民Carla興奮地表示。

*註:卡夫餐(Kraft Dinner)為加拿大俚語及餐點,全名為Kraft Macaroni and Cheese,為芝士通心粉。

Autumn Silvergrass Flowers in Mt. Datun. Source: YMSNP

The crowds are expected to converge on Yangmingshan National Park and surrounding areas in Early April. In an attempt to reduce car traffic, Parkbus Taiwan has decided to offer free transportation between Taipei Main Station and the Yangmingshan Flower Clock (陽明山花鐘) during the peak periods of this phenomenon. The period where the aurora borealis will be most visible in Yangmingshan National Forest is between April 2nd and April 9th, 2022.

預計台灣居民和來自世界各國的天文愛好者將在四月初聚集在陽明山國家公園及周邊地區,為了減少上下山的車流量,全台最優質的交通運輸服務公司Parkbus Taiwan決定在2022年4月2日至4月9日這段北極光最為明顯的期間提供台北車站與陽明山花鐘之間的免費接送服務。

Parkbus Taiwan will be offering free transportation to view the Northern Lights in Taiwan.Space is limited. Source

In case you didn’t know already…..April Fools!


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