Five Finger Mountain -五指山

Five Finger Mountain (五指山 / Wuzhi Mountain) is located in the southeastern portion of Hsinchu County and connects five mountain tops along a distinct ridge line. It was famous in the Qing Dynasty and the ‘five fingers’ that make the peaks are frequently used to describe the mountain landscape of the area. It was listed as one of eight scenic spots during the Japanese occupation period. There are cedars planted all over the trail, the greenery is full of greenery, and the forest scenery is elegant. There will be a chance to explore the beautiful trail and mountains of course, but there are also many temples, such as Yunguang Temple, Jade Palace and Guanyin Temple to visit.

This trail is not a long distance, at only 4.5km and Parkbus Taiwan trips to this location will get passengers back into Taipei for an early dinner. Including time to hang out at the peak, the hiking time should be around 4-4.5 hours depending on one’s fitness levels. The travel time between Taipei Main Station and Five Finger Mountain (五指山) is about 2 hours.

Spectacular forests await along the trail up to Five Finger Mountain (五指山).

As always, please be a responsible hiker and stay on the trail, don’t feed the animals and pack out the garbage that you bring with you. Be respectful of others while outdoors, as well as being respectful of those communities we visit or pass through.

Hikes/Trails & Points of Interest:

There is only a single trail (or looped route) about 4.5km long at Five Finger Mountain (五指山). The route will take Parkbus hikers from the parking lot near a local temple up about 250 meters to the peak and slightly beyond to the additional peaks (if passengers are interested). As this is a Scenic Area of Hsinchu County, the trail is maintained and in decent shape. This trail is suitable for hikers with moderate fitness and some hiking experience or for anyone that is keen to check off one more unique and beautiful hike in Taiwan.

Yes, there are some steps on this trail. But nothing too difficult.

Points of Interest:

The Views and the Mountain / 空中走廊 – The views from atop the peak of Five Finger Mountain are an attraction in and of itself and on a clear day hikers can get a glimpse of various parts of Hsinchu including a great view of Emei, Beipu, Hsinchu, and Zhubei.

Chinese language map of Five Finger Mountain.

Five Finger Mountain is listed as one of the Taiwan’s 100 mountains! Ok….wait. We should provide a bit more detail here. There are in fact 2 lists of ‘100 Peaks’ in Taiwan, (200!). One is a list of 100 peaks that are over 3,000 meters above sea level, known as the “Bai Yue” (台灣百岳). These are not ranked, nor are they actually the hardest hikes in Taiwan (some are!), but rather representative of the diversity and variety of hiking experiences in Taiwan. The other is a list of 100 Peaks that are more suitable for beginner to novice hikers and can be climbed easily known as the “Small Bai Yue” (小百岳). Five Finger Mountain is on the list of smaller peaks.

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