Five Finger Mountain -五指山

Five Finger Mountain (五指山 / Wuzhi Mountain) is located in the southeastern portion of Hsinchu County and connects five mountain tops along a distinct ridge line. It was famous in the Qing Dynasty and the ‘five fingers’ that make the peaks are frequently used to describe the mountain landscape of the area. It was listedContinue reading “Five Finger Mountain -五指山”

Fire Mountain Nature Reserve -火炎山自然保留區

Fire Mountain, also known as Huo Yan Shan or Flaming Mountain, is a nature reserve situated by the borders of Miaoli and Taichung. It used to be closed to the public to protect the endangered species and the sensitive ecosystem, however after significant trail restoration and improved safety features, it has been reopened for everyone.Continue reading “Fire Mountain Nature Reserve -火炎山自然保留區”