Fushan Botanical Gardens – 福山植物園

Fushan Botanical Gardens is located along the border of Yilan County and New Taipei City. In fact, this remote destination and unique ecological site is located in New Taipei City, but is only accessble from Yilan. This site is paradise and a perfect destination for anyone interested in local ecology, spotting local bird and wildlife and simply wanting to get away from the crowds.

Nestled in mountains of Northern Taiwan, Fushan Botanical Gardens function as a living museum in one of the most humid and wet areas of Taiwan. The site provides a spectacular opportunity to see unique and endemic plants, birds and wild life. Established to support education, research and conservation for Taiwans stunning biodiversity, this protected area limits visitors to 500 per day and 600 on weekends. Admission to the park is free, but if you join a Parkbus Taiwan trip to this site, we will register you online visit.

Fushan Botanical Gardens:

Also known as Fushan Experimental Forest, the Fushan Botanical Gardens has an elevation that ranges from 600m to 1400m. As we mentioned, the area is humid and receives a lot of rain. The average annual temperature is 18.5°C and due to it’s proximity to the East Coast of Taiwan, it gets an average rainfall of over 4 meters!

There are some areas that are restricted to public access, however he central zone of the botanical gardens is open to visitors. This area is predominately a natural broadleaf forest and relatively flat area. The gardens consists of a spectacular collection of endemic Taiwanese plants on display to maximize the garden’s academic research, environmental education, resource conservation, and forest recreation potential.

A main purpose for this site is to protect the natural ecosystem of this region to preserve its genetic resources, allowing for perpetual ongoing observation and research. Currently, there are more than 700 species of vascular plants have been planted in this area.

The Trails at Fushan Botanical Gardens:

Combined there are just over 3km of beautiful trails to explore in Fushan Botanical Gardens. These trails are not difficult and are suitable for beginner hikers. Due to the high rainfall and humid temperatures, the trail can get slippery in sections and hikers should be aware of this before setting off.

Fushan Botanical Gardens have a variety of different sections for visitors to learn and explore.

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