Hiking the 15km Xiaoxueshan National Trail / 漫步在雲霧中:小雪山國家步道

Hiking the 15km Xiaoxueshan National Trail (小雪山國家步道) in Daxueshan National Forest is something all outdoor adventurers visiting Taiwan should do.

Difficult to get to, this linear thru hike rewards those that make the effort.


Hiking in Taiwan: More than Trails in Xitou / 溪頭,不只是森林遊樂區

Hiking in Taiwan – The only guide you’ll need to explore the best of Xitou Nature Education Area.

讓Parkbus Taiwan來告訴大家作爲台灣大學實驗林的溪頭國家森林遊樂區究竟有哪些值得探索的地方。

5 Tactics You Need to Know to find Pangolins in Taiwan / 在台灣找到穿山甲的五大訣竅

Spotting a Taiwanese Pangolin is rare and life changing. Simply seeing one in the wild can change one’s stance on conservation and environmental stewardship.


Introducing Hehuanshan / 合歡山介紹

Due to its unique position, Hehuanshan is a gorgeous location to hike the high mountains, camp, and view some of Taiwan’s history. There was once an operating ski lift on the East Peak, which the remnants are still visible.


Introducing Dakeng Hiking Trails / 大坑登山步道介紹

Hiking in Taiwan – If you have not been to the Dakeng Scenic Area in Taichung, you are in for some of the most unique trails you’ve ever hiked on! The Dakeng Hiking Trails are one of Taichung’s more popular areas, due to the vast network of trails, which are elevated wooden logs, and the scenery, which you’ve most likely seen on social media! There are 10 trails, and they are named Dakeng Trail #1 – #10. The first five trails are further out of the city, and more difficult and fun, with great views of Taichung and the surrounding mountains.


Paoma Historic Trail – 跑馬古道

Hiking in Taiwan – The Paoma Historic Trail is the southern section of the much longer Tamshui-Kavalan Historic Trail in Northern Taiwan. This hiking route was used extensively during the Qing Dynasty period for those trading and traveling throughout the region.

Fushan Botanical Gardens – 福山植物園

Fushan Botanical Gardens is located along the border of Yilan County and New Taipei City. In fact, this remote destination and unique ecological site is located in New Taipei City, but is only accessble from Yilan. This site is paradise and a perfect destination for anyone interested in local ecology, spotting local bird and wildlifeContinue reading “Fushan Botanical Gardens – 福山植物園”

Malun Mountain – 馬崙山

Hiking in Taiwan: Malun Mountain (馬崙山) is the second highest mountain peak among the famed Seven Heroes. Regardless of the elevation, this is not an overly difficult climb. It is long and a steady climb (with some steeper sections of elevation gains) and offers hikers a range of forest ecosystems and unique trail features that may this hike a must-do.

Taoyuan Valley Trail – 桃源谷步道

Parkbus Taiwan helps those looking for spectacular views of mountain and ocean, by offering direct and return transportation along the Taoyuan Valley Trail.

This is a perfect day trip from Taipei that will take hikers to Taiwan’s east coast and along the edge of the coastal mountains where these rugged, yet peaceful mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.