Introducing Hehuanshan / 合歡山介紹

Five of Taiwan’s most accessible top 100 peaks lie in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. The Central Mountain Range lies on the border of Nantou and Hualien counties. Due to its unique position, Hehuanshan is a gorgeous location to hike the high mountains, camp, and view some of Taiwan’s history. There was once an operating ski lift on the East Peak, which the remnants are still visible.


Hiking up to Hehuanshan North Peak looking at Hehuanshan East Peak

Hehuanshan East Peak Trail / 合歡山東峰步道

  • Total Trail Distance/步道長度: 1.9km
  • Total Hiking Time/步行時間: 1.5 – 2hrs
  • Total Elevation Change/期間海拔變化: 300m

The 3417 meter East Peak is #35 on Taiwan’s 100 Peak list. Because we are starting at a height of 3150 meters, we only need to climb 300 meters to reach the top. The East peak is considered to be an easy high mountain climb. Beginning at the former Ski Lodge, the trail climbs up old wooden stairs and dirt paths, past fallen ski lift towers and abandoned ski lift operating station, to the East Peak. For most hikers this climb takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, one way. From the East Peak you can have a look at Hehuanshan North Peak to the north, and to the northwest you will see Hehuanshan Main Peak. This is an out and back trail, so once you’ve reached the peak head back the same route and on to another top 100 peak!


The Paoma Historic Trail is 6.6km and will take our group between 2.5 and 3 hours to complete.

Hehuanshan North Peak Trail / 合歡山北峰步道

  • Total Trail Distance/步道長度: 5.5km
  • Total Hiking Time/步行時間: 3 – 4 hours
  • Total Elevation Change/期間海拔變化: 473m
Hiking up to Hehuanshan North Peak

Hehuanshan North Peak is #34 of Taiwan’s Top 100. The trail is considered one of the more difficult of the out and back day hikes, the most difficult being the North to West peak hike, but this should not deter you. With a small pack and a good level of fitness you will be able to reach Hehuanshan North Peak in 1.5 to 2 hours. The trail itself starts off steep, with some stairs, but after 30 minutes or so it begins to level off to a more gradual climb, along a dirt hiking trail. The views along the trail are stunning, with many of Taiwan’s Top 100 peaks in view the whole climb up.


Hehuanshan Main Peak / 合歡山主峰

  • Total Trail Distance/步道長度: 3.7km
  • Total Hiking Time/步行時間: 45min – 1hr
  • Total Elevation Gain/期間海拔變化: 178m

Hehuanshan Main Peak is #37 on the Top 100 Peaks of Taiwan. The hike is considered quite easy, but being at high elevation oxygen can always feel short in supply. The path is simple, straight forward, and the peak offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The walk from Hehuanshan Lookout is roughly 30 minutes along the road.


Shimenshan/ 石門山

  • Total Trail Distance/步道長度: 2.6km
  • Total Hiking Time/步行時間: 30 – 50 minutes
  • Total Elevation Gain/期間海拔變化: 135m

At 3237 meters, Shimen Mountain is #66 on Taiwan’s 100 Peak list and is the easiest of Taiwan’s high peaks to climb. Shimenshan is the shortest hike up to one of the 100 peaks. The trailhead begins at the side of the road, near the cafe and heads up a nicely groomed stair and dirt path trail for about 750 meters. You can get up top between 10-20 minutes depending on your pace. Shimenshan can be done in such a quick turnaround, it is often coupled with either East Peak or North Peak on the same day.


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