Introducing Dakeng Hiking Trails – 大坑登山步道介紹

If you have not been to the Dakeng Scenic Area in Taichung, you are in for some of the most unique trails you’ve ever hiked on! The Dakeng Hiking Trails are one of Taichung’s more popular areas, due to the vast network of trails, which are elevated wooden logs, and the scenery, which you’ve most likely seen on social media! There are 10 trails, and they are named Dakeng Trail #1 – #10. The first five trails are further out of the city, and more difficult and fun, with great views of Taichung and the surrounding mountains.


The trails of Dakeng

Hiking Trails in Dakeng

There are 10 different hiking trails available to visitors to this area. The first five are further out of the city, and connected via one through trail. These are the elevated log paths as seen in the image above. They trails are considered more difficult, but don’t fear, as they are still relatively easy for beginner and intermediate hikers.

Trails six through ten are closer the the city and considered very easy. These are for beginners or for those who wish to not exert themselves too much.

Dakeng Trails #1-5

This network of trails is what most people come to see. These trails are higher in elevation than the others, and are steeper and more challenging, with better views. Trails number 1, 2, 3, and 4 run parallel on different ridge lines, with trail number 5 connecting the tops of each of the previous four trails. Each trail climbs roughly 400 meters in elevation, from 400m to 800m. Dakeng Trails #1-5 combine to offer hikers approximately 15km of hiking.

Taichung's Dakeng Trail Map in English
Taichung’s Dakeng Trail Map in English

These trails are a bit steep and sometimes are elevated. The trails are equipped with staircases and fixed ropes and they are suitable for averagely fit people.

Most of the steep parts of the trails are staircases made of logs. Those logs can be widely apart, and it is not uncommon to accidentally put a leg in between. So be careful with each step!

It’s common for hikers to wear gloves, but it isn’t necessary, for the log handrails and the rope sections. A cheap pair of gardening gloves will do just fine.

Several public washrooms are available at the trailheads of Dakeng Trails #1, 2 and 4. You will need to pack water and any snacks or refreshments that you’ll need for the day out.

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