Introducing The Caoling Historic Trail / 草嶺古道介紹

One trail that offers a unique perspective as well as delivers absolutely stunning views is the famous Caoling Historic Trail. While a very popular trail in northern Taiwan, day trippers and hikers in Taiwan seek out this trail that stretches Yilan County on the east coast of Taiwan and New Taipei City.


Caoling Historic Trail – 草嶺古道

The Caoling Historic Trail was first built over 130 years ago, by the Qing Dynasty, to be the only land link connection between Tamsui and Yilan. Now, the only remaining section of trail spans from the Fulong Beach area, through the mountains and plains to Dali, on the coast in Yilan. The current section ofContinue reading “Caoling Historic Trail – 草嶺古道”