Paoma Historic Trail – 跑馬古道

The Paoma Historic Trail is the southern section of the much longer Tamshui-Kavalan Historic Trail in Northern Taiwan. This hiking route was used extensively during the Qing Dynasty period for those trading and traveling between the Tamsui and Kavalan prefectures of Taiwan. After the establishment of the Taipei-Yilan Highway, this historic hiking trail fell into a bit of disarray and deteriorated quite significantly. Through the combine efforts of local and national organizations, the Paoma Historic Trail is now a fantastic way to explore this area and offers hikers stunning views across Yilan County and out towards Turtle Island.

The Paoma Historic Trail

  • Total Trail Distance: 6.6km
  • Total Hiking Time: 2.5-3hrs
  • Total Elevation Change: 420m

Parkbus trips to the Paoma Historic Trail will start from the northern entrance and hikers will walk down hill towards Yilan County and the city of Jiaoxi. Over the years, this trail has received improvements and is now generally wide with a gentle and consistent decline. Most of the trail surface is crushed stone and compact soil, with sections of stone steps, wooden steps and an asphalt trail. This trail is suitable for beginner hikers and families.

The Paoma Historic Trail is 6.6km and will take our group between 2.5 and 3 hours to complete.

Along the Paoma Historic Trail, hikers can see a variety of different plants and trees, including Chinese Sweet Gumtrees, Japanese Cedar and Taiwan Incense-Cedar. The dense underbrush and ferns provide a lush, green forest to walk through.

This trail features a mix of shaded and unshaded sections, so hikers should wear appropriate clothing and plan accordingly. Arriving at the Jinmian Daguan Monument, which is located at an elevation of about 500m, hikers gets stunning views across the Lanyang Plains, Turtle Island and many rivers and streams. Definitely worth taking the time to rest and take some pictures.

Meeting of Sea and Mountains!

The Lanyang Plain is a fan-shaped alluvial plain formed by the Lanyang River in Yilan County. Surrounded by mountains on three sides with the fourth facing the Pacific Ocean and contributing to the coastline in Eastern Taiwan, the Lanyang Plain is blessed with abundant rain fall and rich soil for farming. The views from the Paoma Historic Trail reveal seemingly endless lime green rice paddies until the deep blues of the Pacific Ocean. Rising out of the sea 401m in the distance is Turtle Island, which resembles a giant turtle swimming towards the dawn. This area has been listed as one of the “Top Eight Scenic Spots of Lanyang”.

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