Fire Mountain Nature Reserve -火炎山自然保留區

Fire Mountain, also known as Huo Yan Shan or Flaming Mountain, is a nature reserve situated by the borders of Miaoli and Taichung. It used to be closed to the public to protect the endangered species and the sensitive ecosystem, however after significant trail restoration and improved safety features, it has been reopened for everyone.Continue reading “Fire Mountain Nature Reserve -火炎山自然保留區”

Taipei City Officials Vote to Reintroduce Formosan Black Bear to Da’an Park

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – A recent vote within the closed doors of Taipei City Hall came to a conclusion Thursday morning, voting to reintroduce the Formosan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus formosanus), an endemic subspecies, to Da’an Forest Park. Officials cited the endangered species act of 1989, and the need to rehabilitate and grow the population ofContinue reading “Taipei City Officials Vote to Reintroduce Formosan Black Bear to Da’an Park”


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Where to Rent Outdoor Gear in Taipei

Where to Rent Outdoor Gear in Taipei Winter, summer, spring, or fall, Taiwan’s adventures are fit for all! Taiwan’s outdoor opportunities are endless. Whether trekking through the high mountains, camping in Taiwan’s vast forests, river tracing or rock climbing, you’ll need gear. Specific outdoor equipment is necessary for specific outdoor activities, and with opportunities forContinue reading “Where to Rent Outdoor Gear in Taipei”


TPHA 台北城市狩獵成立於 2020 年春天,我們致力於將美麗的臺灣生物資源分享給這愛這片土地的所有朋友,成立之初我們開始了一系列的台北地區夜間山區探索活動並廣受好評,今年我們更將服務範圍拓展至台北以外區域、與不同的夥伴合作,提供全台最獨一無二的深度生態旅遊 已經想不到臺灣有什麼好玩的地方了嗎?加入我們的行列,開啟一場彷彿置身於生態頻道的探索之旅吧! Founded in Spring 2020, TPHA Ecotourism mainly focuses on sharing Taiwan’s gorgeous wildlife to those who are attracted to our beautiful island. In the beginning year, they got lots of compliments from their serial night safari tours. This year, 2021, their team decided to expand their service outside of theContinue reading “TPHA ECOTOURISM 台北城市狩獵”

Xitou Nature Education Area -溪頭森林遊樂區

Xitou Nature Education Area is located in central Taiwan in the picturesque Lugu Township in Nantou County. Part of an experimental forest belonging to the National Taiwan University, this destination features beautifully preserved broad-leaved forests and an abundance of cedars, spruces, and many other different kinds of trees. Due to its unique ecology, this regionContinue reading “Xitou Nature Education Area -溪頭森林遊樂區”

Matcha Mountain – 抹茶山

Gaining notoriety in 2019, Matcha Mountain (抹茶山) has become one of the more popular hiking destinations in Northern Taiwan. As the story goes, the origin of the name comes from a Japanese photographer, who visited the area in 2019. When he arrived at the viewing platform he thought that the wavy green color of vegetationContinue reading “Matcha Mountain – 抹茶山”

Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area – 觀霧國家森林遊樂區

Explore the adventurous side of Taiwan by discovering the wonders of one of Taiwan’s best kept secrets – Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area.

From trails to mountains and forests, from waterfalls to wildlife, this destination is a must-see destination in Taiwan.

Daxueshan National Forest Recreation Area – 大雪山國家森林遊樂區

One of 12 designated National Forests in Taiwan, Daxueshan National Forest (meaning Great/Big Snow Mountain in Mandarin Chinese) covers a massive area of nearly 4,000 hectares in Heping District in eastern Taichung County. Like several of the other National Forest Recreation Areas in Taiwan, Daxueshan also boosts a unique history of timber extraction. Now this siteContinue reading “Daxueshan National Forest Recreation Area – 大雪山國家森林遊樂區”