Paoma Historic Trail – 跑馬古道

Hiking in Taiwan – The Paoma Historic Trail is the southern section of the much longer Tamshui-Kavalan Historic Trail in Northern Taiwan. This hiking route was used extensively during the Qing Dynasty period for those trading and traveling throughout the region.

Fushan Botanical Gardens – 福山植物園

Fushan Botanical Gardens is located along the border of Yilan County and New Taipei City. In fact, this remote destination and unique ecological site is located in New Taipei City, but is only accessble from Yilan. This site is paradise and a perfect destination for anyone interested in local ecology, spotting local bird and wildlifeContinue reading “Fushan Botanical Gardens – 福山植物園”

Malun Mountain – 馬崙山

Hiking in Taiwan: Malun Mountain (馬崙山) is the second highest mountain peak among the famed Seven Heroes. Regardless of the elevation, this is not an overly difficult climb. It is long and a steady climb (with some steeper sections of elevation gains) and offers hikers a range of forest ecosystems and unique trail features that may this hike a must-do.

Taoyuan Valley Trail – 桃源谷步道

Parkbus Taiwan helps those looking for spectacular views of mountain and ocean, by offering direct and return transportation along the Taoyuan Valley Trail.

This is a perfect day trip from Taipei that will take hikers to Taiwan’s east coast and along the edge of the coastal mountains where these rugged, yet peaceful mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.

Hiking in Taiwan: Jialishan (加里山) A spectacular (& challenging) day hike well worth the effort

Hiking Jialishan (加里山) in Miaoli County is a challenge but rewarding experience in Taiwan. Difficult to get to without a car, Parkbus gets you there and back in one day.

Why Hiking in Taiwan is the Best Adventure on Earth

Hiking in Taiwan is the best adventure on Earth. With a stunning 268 mountain peaks above 3000m, amazing wildlife and birdlife, as well as an extremely reliable and vast transportation network we think Taiwan is the best post-covid hiking adventure destination on Earth.

Five Finger Mountain -五指山

Five Finger Mountain (五指山 / Wuzhi Mountain) is located in the southeastern portion of Hsinchu County and connects five mountain tops along a distinct ridge line. It was famous in the Qing Dynasty and the ‘five fingers’ that make the peaks are frequently used to describe the mountain landscape of the area. It was listedContinue reading “Five Finger Mountain -五指山”

Caoling Historic Trail – 草嶺古道

The Caoling Historic Trail was first built over 130 years ago, by the Qing Dynasty, to be the only land link connection between Tamsui and Yilan. Now, the only remaining section of trail spans from the Fulong Beach area, through the mountains and plains to Dali, on the coast in Yilan. The current section ofContinue reading “Caoling Historic Trail – 草嶺古道”